5 textile related events in 2016


#1 China Yiwu International Expo


This is an international event that takes on June 14th at The Yuwi international center. It is attended by the most recognized textile managers from across the world making it one of the advantageous events to many people who would like to start their own textile industries.

#2. Tex world USA.


This is one of the major textile event that people meet to discuss the inventions and improvements in the textile world to ensure that people get the latest updates in the industry. It takes place in Javits US at July 12th to 14th and people from across the world can attend.

#3. Apparel sourcing show.


This takes place the same dates as the Tex world but this one is for the beginners who want to know everything regarding textile from scratch. As a result, speakers are more educative and informative and use simple language to address the attendants. It is attended by the prosperous textile industry managers who are also the guest speakers. Happens on July 15th every year.

#4. Home sourcing textile sourcing Expo.


This is the best event for people who want to know the latest machinery and resources that people use in the textile industry to produce products. It is an event that goes to extra mile to uncover the various trending designs in fashion because it welcomes designers from various parts of the world to come and share what they have that could be of importance to the textile industry.

#5. Spin Expo.


It happens on July 19th. This is an event that covers everything related to textile industry ranging from fashion to the various textile products produced. It happens in Brooklyn Expo Center at New York City.
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