#1. Gypsy wools


This is one of the trusted wool suppliers in Colorado supplying a myriad types of wools. This company has been on the frontline of supplying Cambria wool, Shepherds wool and other types of wools that textile industry could be in need. This company has the best resources at all times to ensure that wool is supplied to all its customers as needed. It has depended its roots to the beauty industry and it produces weaves and hair extensions.

#2. Woollez


It is more than just a wool producing company because it has many other products that it produces. It has Fleece wool, roving wool and the Yarn type of wools which is very rare to find. This is what has made it a choice to many cloth manufacturing companies because of its rare high quality products that it produces. It is through this that is has grown to a bigger company in Colorado.

#3. Colorado Sheep Industry


This is one of the most grown wool companies that produces wool from the large scale sheep farms that it contains. It has been producing raw unprocessed wool that many industries use. This makes it the best company where many textile industries source wool from.

#4. Elsa Wool Company


This is another wool producing company that has been a choice to many textile industries because of its large scale production of sheep wool. It started small but it has spread its roots to all the regions of Colorado.